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37 Must-See Farmhouse Wedding Decor Ideas On Your Special Day

A farmhouse wedding decor has an innately soothing quality, similar to the pleasant sensation of coming home and being comfortable. A farmhouse can be described as serene, laid-back, intimate, and charming. It has an organic and genuine feel, with neutral tones and a comfortable ambiance. Consider earthy touches, wood, grass, and warmth for a setting fit for any top-notch vintage wedding blog. To save you time, The Wedding Collective MN has filtered through some of the most beautiful ideas for you.

Farmhouse Wedding Ceremony Decor Ideas

Hosting your wedding in front of a beautiful farm is a lovely opportunity to incorporate rustic touches into your special day. It’s crucial to keep in mind a refined aesthetic whether you want to play up your wedding ceremony. We’ve compiled a list of ideas to consider while planning your wedding, from using the season’s colors to including a farmhouse wedding decor.

Farmhouse Ceremony Space Decor Details

A farmhouse chic decorating ideas may be held anywhere, but what makes a wedding more elegant? It’s all about the decorations! Creating the scene is one of the most important aspects of any wedding ceremony. Many couples choose to have their ceremony outside, which allows them to add vintage doors, flower baskets, swags of foliage, and unusual seating to create a rustic aesthetic.

1. Wedding Ceremony Decor In Rustic Vibe

farmhouse wedding-Wedding Ceremony Decor In Rustic Vibe
Ceremony Decor In Rustic Wedding Vibe

Farmhouses are all about generating a feeling of organic simplicity and comfort, regardless of the accessories or types of wedding decorations you choose. We use a more elevated and timeless approach to ‘rustic’ design. Rustic becomes linked with comfort and farm-to-table in rustic farmhouse wedding; related to nature and an unobtrusive style that accentuates our already gorgeous surroundings.

2. Greenery Ceremony Decor For Wedding

farmhouse wedding ideas-Wedding Ceremony Decor In Rustic Vibe
Modern Farmhouse Wedding Ceremony Decor In Rustic Vibe

An herb or foliage wedding backdrop will give your wedding a trendy rustic twist. Line your aisle with potted plants and candles as another option. For long tables, ditch the floral centerpieces and replace them with natural garlands. Potted plants or foliage in mismatched vases appear simple on tiny tables. Add complementary flickering candles for a coppery touch to wedding decor.

3. White Drapes For The Wedding Ceremony

farmhouse wedding decorations-White Drapes for the Wedding Ceremony
White Drapes For The Farmhouse Wedding Ceremony

The size of the farmhouse was quite huge for the guest count, so the draping benefited in several ways. It filled the space well and made the farmhouse scale feel more appropriate, lightened up the dark interior, and added layers of texture. It can also help lighten the area and provide softness to the country wedding decoration ideas.

Farmhouse Wedding Welcome Signs Ideas

4. Bronze Welcome Sign In Farmhouse

farmhouse wedding decor-Bronze Welcome Sign In Farmhouse
Farmhouse Chic Decorating Ideas With Bronze Welcome Sign

Vintage components with bronze or brass fittings go well with a farmhouse wedding theme since they complement the raw wood and natural foliage. Mirrors, candlesticks, and picture frames can give a touch of decorative beauty to any wedding decor without overpowering it.

5. Simple-Yet-Chic Welcome Sign

farmhouse wedding decor-Simple-Yet-Chic Welcome Sign
Simple Wedding Welcome Sign

A simple-yet-chic directional sign guiding the way is an easy method to help establish different spaces for your ceremony and reception, especially in a large room. Wooden arrows pointing guests to the wedding theme ceremony placed in a field greeted guests at the farmhouse wedding decor.

6. Hand-Lettered Welcome Sign

farmhouse wedding decor-Hand-Lettered Welcome Sign
Country Wedding Decoration Ideas For Hand-Lettered

A charming, hand-lettered sign at the entrance to your reception serves as a type of reset, signifying to guests that one aspect of your glam farmhouse decor is complete and that a new, exciting phase is about to begin.

7. Welcome Sign In The Top Of Stone Fireplace

farmhouse wedding decor-Wedding Welcome Sign In The Top Of Stone Fireplace
Farmhouse Welcome Sign In The Top Of Stone Fireplace

This idea employs handcrafted wooden letters to showcase their initials atop a stone fireplace in farmhouse wedding decor. You can even repurpose these after the wedding in your new house.

Modern Farmhouse Wedding Backdrop Decoration

When it comes to ceremony backdrops, nature is usually the best—and most cost-effective—option. Create a frame for your perfect photograph for the vow exchange using flowers, branches, greenery, candles, saplings, or lanterns. We love this desert-inspired, asymmetric frame made of dried palms, pink anthuriums, and foraged local flowers for a rustic farmhouse wedding.

8. Floral Photo-Booth Backdrop

farmhouse wedding decor-Floral Photo-booth Backdrop
Floral Photo-Booth Farmhouse Chic Decorating Ideas For Backdrop

While flower walls are undeniably beautiful focal pieces, they also have a significant price tag. On the other hand, a garden-inspired backdrop is an uncanny DIY option. The wooden was embellished with individual flowers and used as an escort card display before being repurposed as a photo booth background. Fill the entire board with foraged blossoms to look at country wedding decoration ideas.

8. Hang A Mr. & Mrs. Sign Backdrop

farmhouse wedding decor
A Farmhouse Decor For Mr. & Mrs. Banner

There should be no doubt about who the famous couple is. Use this banner as an ultra-personalized photo background or drape it in front of a wedding cake display, dessert bar, or chair backs. You may also make something similar with some twine and fabric cutouts if you have the time and craftiness in your glam farmhouse decor.

9. Simple Wooden Backdrop In Farmhouse

farmhouse wedding decor-Simple Wooden Backdrop In Farmhouse
Simple Wooden Backdrop In Farmhouse

A wooden ceremony backdrop is a must-have decor piece when it comes to country wedding decoration ideas. You can either make your own and have it personalized with flowers by a florist or rent one from a local event rental provider. This birch branch backdrop with foliage and garden-inspired flowers is stunning.

10. Wedding Wallpaper Backdrop

farmhouse wedding decor-Wedding Wallpaper Backdrop
Farmhouse Wedding Decor For Wallpaper Backdrop

This idea gets an A+ for inventiveness in their wedding background. They had it made by a local craftsman using tropical chinoiserie wallpaper. On the other hand, the vintage design has a contemporary air, with green and millennial pink colors bringing a pop of color to your wedding.

Rustic Farmhouse Wedding Arch Decor Ideas

11. Simple Wooden Wedding Arch

farmhouse wedding ideas-Simple Wooden Wedding Arch
Simple Wedding Decor For Farmhouse Wooden Wedding Arch

The most common farmhouse wedding decor ideas include geometric and rectangular shapes and rectangle and cathedral designs. They enable symmetrical and asymmetrical accent placement. Drape chiffon with flower accents over your arch in an asymmetrical arrangement for an overall romantic appeal.

12. Bamboo Arch Decorations

farmhouse wedding decorations-Bamboo Arch Decorations
Bamboo Arch For Country Wedding Decoration Ideas

Why not design your wedding arch if it’s something you’ve always wanted? The simple construction is straightforward by using salvaged bamboo, whether curved, square, or in a modern pyramid shape. This wedding decor is made of bamboo and topped with cloth, with colorful astilbe and yarrow flowers hanging from the beams as a final touch.

13. Wedding Arch With Hang Florals

farmhouse wedding ideas-Wedding Arch With Hang Florals
Wedding Arch With Hang Florals

With dangling strands of blooms, you can get creative with your arch. This idea keeps things simple with white flowers hung at various lengths for an uncurated impression of farmhouse chic decorating ideas.

14. Elegant Rust Wedding Arch

farmhouse wedding ideas-Rustic and Classic Arch
Glam Farmhouse Decor For Rustic and Classic Arch

This wedding seamlessly ties together several themes, from black-tie components to casual beach feelings and a rustic wooden arch. The latter is proof that your wedding arch matches your wedding style perfectly to be effective. This idea incorporates it into their wedding by embellishing it with traditional white flowers.

Farmhouse Wedding Aisle Decor Ideas

15. Earthy Aisle Runners for Wedding

farmhouse wedding decor-Earthy Aisle Runners for Wedding
Earthy Aisle Runners For Farmhouse Wedding

Make your dramatic entrance down a dreamy aisle flush with earthy blooms, wildflowers, and foraged botanicals as at a farmhouse wedding decor. Drape greenery on birch across your aisle or stand timber logs with vintage lights strung on them.

16. Dried Grasses Aisle In Farmhouse Celebration

farmhouse wedding-Dried Grasses Aisle in Farmhouse Wedding
Dried Grasses Aisle in Modern Farmhouse Wedding

If you feel bolder, line the seats with natural greenery or grasses like potted pampas. Autumnal, rustic farmhouse wedding alternatives to standard floral arrangements include bunches of golden pampas. The white chairs look great against these aisle runners.

17. Chic Farmhouse Wedding Aisle

farmhouse wedding -Chic Farmhouse Wedding Aisle
Farmhouse Decorating Ideas For Wedding Aisle

Decorate your aisle with wooden seats and lanterns that run their length. Hang mason jars filled with blossoms on poles fastened to the altar for a more basic effect. Decorate your wooden pews or hay bales with petals or clustered flowers.

18. Mixture Elements For Wedding Aisle

farmhouse wedding ideas-
Mixture Elements For Glam Farmhouse Decor Aisle

Because the entrance to your aisle sets the tone for the entire day, you’ll want to make it spectacular. Consider dried grasses, lanterns, and candles in addition to fresh bouquets and greenery; we’ve even seen a remarkable display of saplings lining the aisle. Eucalyptus, pampas grass, and cacti encircle the entrance for country wedding decoration ideas.

Farmhouse Wedding Reception Decoration

It’s time to focus on wedding reception ideas now that all wedding ceremony arrangements are in place and the wedding ceremony script is in the works. There are many unique wedding ideas to choose from, and finding inspiration will be simple and enjoyable. Wedding party ideas may give you and your guests unforgettable moments, whether it’s the general design wedding setting.

Wedding Table-space Inspiration

19. Eclectic Tablescapes

farmhouse wedding -Eclectic Table-scapes
Farmhouse Wedding Eclectic Table-Scapes Decoration

When bare tables are topped with beautiful jewel tones, they look stunning for farmhouse wedding decor. An enticing environment is created with brass embellishments, mismatched amber-hued glassware, and bolts of brilliant blues.

20. An Edible Tablescape

farmhouse wedding decor-An Edible Table-scape
An Edible Tablescape For Modern Farmhouse Decor

Swap your floral centerpieces for fruits and vegetables to create a more sustainable tablescape for farmhouse chic decorating ideas. Garland runners of lettuce, apples, artichokes, pomegranates, and wheat bunches adorned these tables. The favorite aspect of the fruits and veggies that we used to decorate the tables were fed to the farm’s animals after the ceremony.

21. Simplified Wedding Tablescapes

farmhouse wedding decor-Simplified Table-scapes
Farmhouse Wedding Simplified Tablescapes

To keep the attention on the quality of items rather than the number of things to look at, choose more high-end materials and textures like linen and stoneware. This idea will help keep your farmhouse theme sophisticated while also keeping the vibe timeless. To produce country wedding decoration ideas, neutral tones with a heather texture convey an organic sense without having to go full burlap.

22. Reception Tablescape Decor With Airy Lighting

farmhouse wedding ideas-Reception Table-space Decor With Airy Lighting
Wedding Reception Tablespace Decor With Airy Lighting

Incorporate pastel tones, clear glasses, and satin-finished champagne-gold metals to transform a solid timber table into a light and airy modern farmhouse wedding. Despite the alfresco supper, we appreciate the lush pergola and hanging lights, which create a comfortable environment.

23. Table Setting With Copper Elements

farmhouse wedding decor-Table Setting With Copper Elements
Farmhouse Wedding Decor For Table Setting With Copper Elements

Copper accents add warmth and sparkle to neutral tones while complementing the farmhouse chic decorating ideas table setting. Copper mugs and flatware are paired with amber and fuchsia tones in this set. Eucalyptus, fresh grapefruits, and bougainvillea canopies give freshness to the look, while rattan lanterns offer texture.

24. A Rustic Alfresco Tablescape

farmhouse wedding decor-A Rustic Alfresco Table-scape
Rustic Farmhouse Alfresco Tablescape

Matte silver candlesticks and vases, a scattering of wine bottles, and fresh greenery adorn a stark hardwood table. While wooden garden chairs blend in effortlessly, a translucent white runner hints at the exquisite softness of a rustic farmhouse wedding.

Glam Farmhouse Wedding Escort Card Display

25. Escort Cards With Birch And Calligraphy

farmhouse wedding decor-Escort Cards with Birch and Quill Calligraphy
Escort Cards With Birch And Quill Calligraphy

Custom calligraphy escort cards provide a touch of formality to your farmhouse chic decorating ideas. Exude the elegant casualness that goes hand in hand with this country wedding motif by displaying them with clothespins and twine.

26. Personalized Wine Cork Escort Card Holder

Wine Cork Escort Card Holder with Personalization
Unique Farmhouse Wedding Decor Wine Cork Escort Card Holder

Good news, wine lovers, you can incorporate your vino enthusiasm into your wedding. Cork pieces with your names and wedding date inscribed on them provide an eye-catching display for your escort cards.

27. Rustic Wildflower Escort Card Display

Rustic Wildflower Escort Card Display
Rustic Farmhouse Wildflower Escort Card Display

Displays of escort cards are a terrific way to show off your artistic side. Each local flower is tied to a card that directs guests to their tables on this imaginative garden-inspired wall. It can also be used as a photo booth backdrop for glam farmhouse decor.

28. Creative Homespun Escort Card Display

A Homespun Escort Card Display
Creative Homespun Escort Card Display

For a home spin on an escort card display, these seating arrangements were written on pots full of olive leaves, eucalyptus, and moss. Guests want the seating chart to be natural and welcoming without being overly feminine. Instead of flowers, we went with greenery but foliage with plenty of texture and variety. This idea is a fantastic farmhouse wedding decor choice, especially if you strive for a more farm-to-table atmosphere.

29. A Rustic Focal Escort Card

farmhouse wedding decor-A Rustic Focal Escort Card
A Modern Farmhouse Wedding Focal Escort Card

All the trappings of an idyllic rustic farmhouse chic decorating ideas are housed in an antique escort card, which houses an assortment of wicker baskets full of olive branches and minimalist escort cards fastened to olive leaves with leather ties.

30. Classical Display Escort Cards With Fresh Blooms

farmhouse wedding decor-Classical Display Escort Cards With Fresh Blooms
Classical Display Escort Cards With Fresh Blooms

This primary escort card display is simple and looks great in your farmhouse wedding decor. Fill buckets representing each table with fresh blossoms and sticks with your guests’ names to create a flower market ambiance.

31. Hand-Stamp Wax Seals

farmhouse wedding ideas-Hand-Stamp Wax Seals
Modern Farmhouse Wedding Escort Card For Hand-Stamp Wax Seals

From escort cards and place cards to invitation suites, wax seals instantly give any wedding stationery or paper items a luxury finish. Make a bespoke seal with your new monogram or just a few numbered ones like the ones seen above, and have fun. You can always acquire adhesive seals that appear just as old-school for a wedding decor if you don’t like the notion of hot wax leaking all over your house.

Farmhouse Wedding Chair Back Decor

32. Wedding Couple Chair Signs Style

farmhouse wedding decor-Wedding Couple Chair Signs Style
Glam Farmhouse Decor For Wedding Couple Chair Signs Style

Play on the wood and flower decorations that are synonymous with farmhouse wedding decor through matching back seats. These charming “Mr.” and “Mrs.” hoop earrings can be reused and used as home decor. They’re simple to customize, not just with your names but also with ribbons and flowers to complement your event’s theme and color scheme.

33. The Virginia Artisans Reserved Chair Sign

farmhouse wedding decorations-The Virginia Artisans Reserved Chair Sign
The Virginia Artisans Reserved Chair Sign

Show your guests some little love and attention at your modern farmhouse wedding with these wooden “reserved” signs to hold their place until they arrive.

34. Chair Back Decor With Ornaments

farmhouse wedding ideas-Chair Back Decor with Ornaments
Rustic Farmhouse Wedding Chair Back Decor With Ornaments

Dress the honeymooners’ position of honor in all the splendor that the occasion warrants. A single floral branch is diagonally fastened to each chair’s back with a bright ribbon. A handcrafted wreath or a swag of bundled greenery would be fantastic as chic wedding decor.

Farmhouse Wedding Banquet Table Decoration

35. Studio Heart Cake Topper With Custom Initials

farmhouse wedding ideas-Studio Heart Cake Topper With Custom Initials
Studio Heart Cake Topper With Custom Initials

The complete country wedding decoration ideas treatment is also available for your cake topper. The final romantic touch to your dessert is a simple plywood heart adorned with your initials.

36. Utilize Wood Slices For Banquet Table

farmhouse wedding ideas-Utilize Wood Slices For Banquet Table
Farmhouse Decor Utilize Wood Slices For Banquet Table

The unassuming wood slice. This seemingly modest basic is a powerhouse of farmhouse wedding decor. For a rustic-chic ambiance, use wood-slab charger plates to anchor a tablescape or elevate them to the ranks of the much-lauded cake stand.

37. Dessert Table Decor With Glass Jars

farmhouse wedding ideas-Dessert Table Decor With Glass Jars
Country Wedding Decoration Ideas For Dessert Table

If you ask any wedding guest, they’ll tell you that the best farmhouse chic decorating ideas are edible. Fill elegant glass jars with various goodies (think bite-sized cookies, candies, or chocolates) to dress up a dessert bar. While exposing their delicious contents, the pots will offer shape and dimension.

38. Traditional Dessert Table Decor

farmhouse wedding ideas-Traditional Dessert Table Decor
Farmhouse Wedding Decor With Traditional Dessert Table

Whether or whether you serve a traditional wedding cake, your guests will appreciate the opportunity to sample a range of desserts and sweets. A dessert table allows you to do pies, cookies, bars, and other sugary confections in addition to or instead of cake.

Farmhouse Wedding Decor FAQs

What Is A Farmhouse Wedding?

Nature and the outdoors heavily influence the modern farmhouse wedding. Weddings are frequently associated with rural settings, such as barns and other countryside venues, but you can get this laid-back vibe virtually anywhere with the appropriate technique. Rustic, old, and rugged characteristics are commonly used in wedding decorations. Classic wedding decor in farmhouses can be achieved by adding lovely touches such as chandeliers, foliage garlands, candles, and string lights.

What Are The Best Venues For A Farmhouse Wedding?

Barns, ranches, and farms are the most common rustic farmhouse wedding settings. Because of its outdoor locations and pastoral scenes, this style of the venue lends itself well to a wedding theme. Weddings in a farmhouse can be customized to one’s specific preferences and can be luxurious or budget-friendly.

What Are The Best Farmhouse Color Schemes?

One of our favorite things about farmhouse wedding decor is how adaptable they are. It works with various color palettes, which can help you generate a unique look based on your set. Yellow and blue, burgundy and orange, and coral and turquoise are popular color combinations. Stick to a softer color palette of pastel hues like blush, dusty blue, mint green, or even gold for an elegant wedding appearance.

Even though the trend has been around for a while, farmhouse wedding decor has never been outdated. From adding farm-to-table arrangements to highlighting the wedding ceremony details and reception tablespace, The Wedding Collective MN has compiled a list of ideas above to consider while planning farmhouse weddings.

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