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40 Modern Minimalist Wedding Decor Ideas For The Cool Couple

With so many elements and design possibilities, it’s easy to see why minimalism has become such a popular wedding style trend. Minimalist wedding decor can take several forms. It’s up to you to personalize the wedding theme, but it’ll be crisp and traditional with a hint of refinement no matter how you do it. You would be amazed how little it takes to elevate a minimalist wedding—here are 40 ideas from The Wedding Collective MN to get you started.

Minimalist Wedding Ceremony Decor Ideas

The reception is where the party is, but the wedding ceremony is where the magic happens. As a result, you’ll need a magnificent space that complements you as a couple when you tie the knot. The simple wedding decor ideas appearance in a ceremony directs focus to the two of you, which is precisely where it should be.

Wedding Ceremony Space Decor Details

1. A Formal Garden Ceremony

minimalist wedding decorations-A Formal Garden Ceremony
A Formal Garden For Minimalist Wedding Ideas Ceremony

In this elegant outdoor ceremony, romance is at its most beautiful and romantic. This is a fantastic alternative for a bride who prefers a classic, stylish look.

2. A Light-Filled Chapel

minimalist wedding -A Light-Filled Chapel
A Light-Filled Chapel For Minimalist Wedding Ideas

A light and airy feel pervade this minimalist wedding decoration, thanks to the open windows and the white seats, and floral arrangements. The combination of wood rafters and gold chandeliers creates an amplified ceiling that makes a dramatic statement as you walk down the aisle.

3. A Modern Indoor Ceremony Decor

minimalist wedding decor-A Modern Indoor Ceremony Decor
Wedding Decor For Modern Indoor Ceremony

The wedding house has a bright and cheerful design full of life! The industrial lighting, geometric furniture, and a glam gold sequined background added to the venue’s contemporary feel, enhanced by a modern minimalist wedding.

4. A Rustic Stone Barn Ceremony

minimalist wedding decor-A Rustic Stone Barn
A Rustic Stone Barn For Minimalist Wedding

String lights and overflowing blooms transform an old stone barn into a beautiful and glamorous setting while maintaining minimalist wedding decor elements such as burlap and baby’s breath.

5. Beach Pier Wedding Ceremony

minimalist wedding ideas-Beach Pier Wedding Ceremony
Beach Pier For Wedding Decor Ceremony

If you want to take your beach wedding to the next level, hold it on a pier rather than on the sand, as seen here at this destination with simple wedding decor ideas. Its white and green color scheme helps the surrounding scenery stand out against the small, intimate, and exquisite setting.

Minimalist Wedding Welcome Signs Ideas

The wedding decor is modest, having a clean set and a sleek feel focused on simplicity. Minimalist decorations reflect this philosophy. Instead of using sophisticated words, a simple greeting sign can be placed on your wedding welcome table.

6. Typography-Forward Welcome Sign

minimalist wedding decor-Typography-Forward Welcome Sign
Minimalist Wedding Decoration For Typography-Forward Welcome Sign

The stark white sign allows the gradient of the typeface to do all of the talking without being too chilly or uninviting to the guests’ experience.

7. Fragrant Eucalyptus

minimalist wedding decor-Fragrant Eucalyptus
Minimalist Ideas For Fragrant Eucalyptus Welcome Sign

The eucalyptus adds a nice touch of green to the otherwise neutral hue of this welcome sign. Apart from that, its gentle fragrance will drift over visitors as they enter, setting a relaxed tone for the rest of the simple wedding decor ideas.

8. Garlands of Green

minimalist wedding-Garlands of Green Welcome Sign
Minimalist Wedding Decor For Garlands of Green Welcome Sign

In addition to giving this plain sign a whimsical fairytale atmosphere, a garland of foliage is draped over it. The natural wood and organic flora blend seamlessly into the landscape beyond as if they had all grown from the same soil in the structure of a modern minimalist wedding.

9. Simple Wooden Sign Framed By A Garland

wedding minimalist-A Simple Wooden Sign Framed By A Garland
Simple Wedding Wooden Sign Framed By A Garland

It’s the stuff of fairy tales, yet this simple wooden sign framed by a garland of baby’s breath is anything from ordinary. Incorporating a baby’s breath arrangement is a beautiful (and cost-effective) way to bring some ethereal imagination into the minimalist wedding decor.

10. Modern Minimalist Wedding Frosted Acrylic Welcome Sign

minimalist wedding decor-Frosted Acrylic Welcome Sign
Frosted Acrylic Wedding Welcome Sign

Intricately detailed, sophisticated, and incredibly alluring for the wedding decor minimalist. Those are the first thoughts that come to mind when I look at this frosted acrylic welcome sign, which is propped up on a golden stand and surrounded by lush foliage.

11. Transparent Welcome Sign For Minimalist Wedding Decor

minimalist wedding ideas-Transparent Welcome Sign
Simple Wedding Decor Ideas For Transparent Welcome Sign

That this natural, tropical grandeur exists at all should not be overlooked. The unobstructed view of the lush landscape is ensured by this translucent welcome sign. Our favorite part about this arrangement is the juxtaposition of fresh foliage with the warm bronze stand and the white, diverse mix of fonts in minimalist wedding decor.

Wedding For Backdrop Decoration

Wedding backdrops are a focal point of the day, serving to frame the most crucial moments of the minimalist wedding. As an added benefit, the backdrop may be used as a centerpiece for the reception table or even as a photo backdrop for your guests!

12. Oversize White Printed Canvas

minimalist wedding-Oversize White Printed Canvas
Oversize White Printed Canvas In Wedding Decor

Its minimalist wedding decoration dream come true when a personalized white and black sign. The backdrop is designed with crisp letters and geometric shapes. It’s all you need for a focal point to be effective.

13. A Focal Point With Delicate Greenery

minimalist wedding -A Focal Point with Delicate Greenery
A Focal Point With Simple Wedding Decor Ideas

In their simplicity, two vines of crawling flora create a powerful statement, serving as the sole backdrop for the bridal party table and the entire minimalist wedding ideas for the reception.

14. Copper Piping Backdrop

minimalist wedding decor-Copper Piping Backdrop
Modern Minimalist Wedding Copper Piping Backdrop

In case the remainder of your wedding decor and venue is kept simple, consider adding a copper piping backdrop embellished with lush flora, cloth, or pampas grass to the mix. It will immediately establish a focal point in a place with otherwise minimalist wedding decoration in the design.

15. Circular Grid DIY Backdrop

minimalist wedding-Circular Grid DIY Backdrop
Circular Minimalist Grid DIY Wedding Backdrop

We adore a well-designed circular wedding backdrop, and this grid will provide you with the foundation you need to bring it to life and decorate it with some eye-catching florals! Circular grids have a softer vibe, so if you’re looking for a soft, graceful backdrop for your minimalist wedding decor, this is the way to go.

16. Photo Paper Wedding Backdrops

minimalist wedding -Photo Paper Wedding Backdrops
Photo Paper Wedding Backdrops

In addition to being a studio photographer’s greatest buddy, seamless white photo paper is a highly typical backdrop utilized for simple wedding decor ideas. So why not get yourself a roll of it, a stand to hold it up, and add to the paper to make it more personal? Glitter, colorful accents, or whatever else takes your fancy are all acceptable options. With this DIY wedding backdrop idea, you have complete freedom to express yourself.

Minimalist Wedding Arche Decorations

Modern minimalist wedding is a current top style in everything and if you’re as enamored with it as we are and planning a minimalist theme, this roundup is for you. We’ve selected the cutest wedding arches, which aren’t wholly minimalist and have accents of various types.

17. Simple Arch With Cascading Greenery

minimalist wedding decorations-Simple Arch With Cascading Greenery
Simple Arch With Cascading Greenery

Using acrylic stands with cascading greenery and a few potted plants to create a gorgeous minimalist wedding decor altar is an airy and calm idea for a spring wedding.

18. Triangle Shape Arch

minimalist wedding-Triangle Shape Arch
Modern Minimalist Wedding Triangle Shape Arch

A minimalist boho wedding arch in the shape of a triangle, decorated with greenery, pastel blossoms, and pampas grass, is appropriate for a boho or minimalist wedding.

17. Copper Wedding Arch

minimalist wedding-Copper Wedding Arch
Copper Wedding Arch For Minimalist Wedding Decor

In addition to looking fashionable and simple, a minimalist copper wedding arch adorned with greenery would complement a modern, minimalist, or bohemian wedding.

Minimalist Wedding Aisle Decoration Ideas

It is crucial to have a wedding aisle since going down the aisle is one of the most emotional moments of the entire wedding. That implies that decorating your aisle should be done correctly to create a theme and a mood, and while some people may believe that the minimalist wedding ideas do not require many decorations; take a look at the examples below to see what we mean!

18. Single Blooms Aisle

Single Blooms Aisle Decoration Ideas
Simple Wedding Decor Ideas For Aisle Decoration

A turquoise bottle and a vivid blossom add a splash of color to a pair of worn-out grey industrial chairs. These aisle markings become even more eye-catching and noticeable when strewn across a few select chairs.

19. Pillar Candle Aisle Markers

minimalist Pillar Candle Aisle Markers
Pillar Candle Aisle Markers

The use of white pillar candles as a backdrop for your ceremony aisle is a romantic alternative to using flower petals. Clusters of candles at the edges of each row will create a calming atmosphere without adding any more decoration. Alternate rows of basic cylinder vases with rows of geometric hurricane vases for a subtle but sophisticated impact on minimalist wedding decor by alternating between them.

20. Wooden Chairs With Lush Greenery Decor

minimalist wedding -Wooden Chairs With Lush Greenery Decor
Wedding Wooden Chairs With Lush Greenery Decor

An aisle made of simple wooden chairs with beautiful foliage creeping up the seats is all you need for a minimalist wedding decor aisle with a contemporary feel.

21. Chic Aisle With Geometric Lanterns

minimalist wedding-Chic Aisle With Geometric Lanterns
Chic Aisle With Geometric Lanterns

A wedding decor minimalist aisle with black chairs, geometric lanterns, and only candles on the floor is both essential and elegantly designed.

Minimalist Wedding Ideas For Reception Decoration

Wedding Tablescape Inspiration

Simple dishes, snow-white tablecloths, and uncomplicated textiles are preferable for table decoration. The most important thing is that the table settings match in style, considering the minimalist theme.

22. Overhead Floral With Acrylic Chairs

minimalist wedding-Overhead Floral With Sheer Chairs Idea
Modern Minimalist Wedding Overhead Floral Tablescape Idea

Every detail is white in this minimalist ethereal wedding reception area, which contains a massive ceiling floral arrangement, sheer seats, and a lot of white!

23. Simple Neutral Tablespace With Pillar Candle

minimalist wedding Simple Neutral Tablespace With Pillar Candle
Simple Neutral Tablespace With Pillar Candle

Here is an example of the simple wedding decor ideas neutral tablescape that includes a neutral floral centerpiece, menus, and white pillar candles, among other things.

24. Classical Tablescape In White

minimalist Classical Tablespace In White
Minimalist Theme For Tablespace In White

This tablescape features white blossoms in matte white vases as well as white candles to create an elegant neutral minimalist wedding decor atmosphere.

25. Tablespace With Gold Table Runner

minimalist Tablespace With Gold Table Runner
Minimalist Wedding Ideas Tablespace With Gold Table Runner

An elegant and sparkling wedding decor tablescape with a gold runner, gold candle holders, and a vase filled with neutral blooms is featured in this photo. Image source: Pinterest

Wedding Escort Card Display Decoration

26. Acrylic Seating Chart

minimalist Acrylic Seating Chart
Simple Wedding Acrylic Seating Chart

Consider this to be the focal point of your reception space. A transparent, life-size seating chart is a fashionable and functional way to incorporate the acrylic decor trend into your minimalist wedding decoration without going overboard.

27. Gray And White Place Settings

minimalist Gray And White Place Settings
Gray And White Place Settings For Modern Wedding

Try mixing plates and glasses in gray tones to make a statement if you find that plain white isn’t nearly as decorative as planned. The darker dishes will stand out against the white linens, but the place settings are still subtle and essential in their overall design in minimalist wedding decor.

28. Wooden Frame DIY Escort Card

minimalist Wooden Frame DIY Escort Card
Simple Wedding Decor Ideas Wooden Frame DIY Escort Card

Using a wooden frame and clothespins to clip a leaf of eucalyptus and crisp, white cards make the wedding stunning. This inventive seating idea achieves a professional yet minimalist appeal while remaining inexpensive.

29. Watercolor Blooms Escort Card Wall

minimalist wedding ideas-Watercolor Blooms Escort Card Wall
Wedding Tips For Watercolor Blooms Escort Card Wall

The romantic, indigo watercolor calligraphy is a recurring theme throughout the event, and it is gorgeous. On simple square cards, the names of the guests were elegantly lettered and decorated with vines and bright pops of coral peonies to complete the look of minimalist wedding decor.

30. Oversize Black And White Elegance Escort Card

minimalist wedding decorations -Oversize Black and White Elegance Escort Card
Oversize Black and White Elegance Escort Card

A welcoming display of champagne shelves adorned with foliage and signage greets guests. To find their table assignment, they looked at the white and black six-foot-tall seating charts displayed alphabetically on either side of the entryway. This elegant and understated presentation exemplified a modern minimalist wedding.

31. A Brand New Escort Card

minimalist wedding decor-A Brand New Escort Card
Minimalist Wedding Decor For A Brand New Escort Card

Escort card displays are a great area to introduce wedding colors and styles to guests to make an excellent first impression. We covered the foam board with grey silk and framed it with white trim to represent the seasons. The addition of sprigs of various foliage brought fresh air to this elegant arrangement.

Wedding Chair Back Decor

Chair decor is a lovely way to inject a little personality into your minimalist wedding decor. From beautiful bouquets and hand-painted signage to simple DIY posies that are easy to replicate, you will find a way to liven up your wedding chairs that fits your minimalist wedding style, theme, and financial constraints.

32. Marais Chairs Decor

minimalist -Marais Chairs Decor
Modern Wedding For Marais Chairs Decor

The Marais chairs lend an urban, industrial feel to your minimalist wedding decoration for the reception. With or without cushions, these chairs are generally available in various metallic finishes, including silver, rose gold, and bronze, and they are equally as elegant with or without them.

33. Chair Back Decor With Mason Jars

minimalist decor-Chair Back Decor With Mason Jars
Chair Back Decor Minimalist With Mason Jars

Simple bouquets may instantly transform the look of your furniture. The use of fresh flowers tied in attractive bunches or draped with ribbon or twine in mason jars may significantly impact even a minimalist wedding decor on the budget.

34. Fabric And Ribbon Decoration

minimalist wedding -Fabric and Ribbon Decoration
Simple Wedding Decor Ideas For Fabric and Ribbon Decoration

Swags of vintage lace, long strands of gorgeous colored ribbons, carefully picked fabrics, and adorable embroidered hoops are all excellent choices for making a statement while also complementing your minimalist style.

35. Ghost Wedding Chairs In Minimalist Vibe

minimalist wedding decor-Ghost Wedding Chairs In Minimalist Vibe
Ghost Wedding Chairs In Minimalist Vibe

If metal chairs provided by your wedding venue aren’t up to par, translucent acrylic ghost chairs are a fashionable alternative. Combine these contemporary chairs with dark wood and foliage to create an edgy, contrasted look in your modern minimalist wedding.

36. Wedding Sign Couple Chairs Decor

minimalist wedding-Wedding Sign Couple Chairs Decor
Minimalist Wedding Decor Sign Couple Chairs Decor

Couple’s Chair Mr and Mrs or customized customs signs are an excellent way to add an extra flair to your wedding day. For an alternative to typography, consider silhouettes or illustrations put on frames on the back of the chair; they can also be used as beautiful souvenirs once the minimalist wedding decoration has been removed.

Modern Wedding Banquet Table Decoration

We’re all for a cake that makes a statement, but modest desserts can be as effective. Here comes the exact wedding cake. Simple wedding cakes, often with only a few embellishments and coated in white buttercream, are more classic in style than anything else in wedding decor.

37. Simple Wedding Cake

minimalist wedding -Simple Wedding Cake
Wedding Decor For Minimalist Cake

Greenery can be used to dress up a simple white wedding cake that is placed in a shallow bowl for a minimalist, organic appearance for the modern minimalist wedding. A cream cheese filling and buttercream frosting are sandwiched between layers of red velvet cake on the inside.

38. Marbled Wedding Cake

minimalist wedding Marbled Wedding Cake
Minimalist Wedding Ideas For Marbled Cake

Wedding cakes made of gray and white marbled fondant are a modern twist on the traditional affair. Keep flowers and plants to a bare minimum so that the clean lines of the tiers can still be seen as wedding decor.

39. Embrace The Wedding Geometric Cake

minimalist wedding decor-Embrace the Wedding Geometric Cake
Modern Wedding Decor For Embrace the Wedding Geometric Cake

A two-tiered cake in a hexagon shape with a marble print is sleek and contemporary for minimalist wedding decor.

40. Fake Bakery Dessert Bar

minimalist Fake Bakery Dessert Bar
Fake Bakery Dessert Bar

Freshly made pies on a dessert counter at simple wedding decor ideas, surrounded by flowing foliage and stringed lighting. These pies stood out against the backdrop of lush flora and wood embellishments. This concept recreates the sensation of visiting a bakery. How adorable is that fictitious bakery storefront?

FAQs For Minimalist Wedding Decor

What Is A Minimalist Wedding?

With social isolation becoming the new regular, minimalist wedding decoration appear to be the most fitting for the future. It’s a design philosophy that focuses on keeping things as simple as possible, removing all extraneous colors, textures, and patterns. For these reasons, minimalism is thought to be soothing and otherworldly. It is ideal for weddings!

What Are The Best Venues For A Minimalist Wedding?

There are also gorgeous water gardens where you can enjoy refreshments with your friends. It’s the ideal wedding venue in the country, thanks to its magnificent green and rolling countryside surrounds. Mapperton is a superb spot to tie the knot, standing proudly among tumbling hills and rolling countryside.

What Are The Best Minimalist Color Scheme?

Minimalist ideas, which typically include neutral wedding color palettes, are adaptable to any budget and season. We’re providing wedding decorations that feature green, black, and white hues that are excellent for a wedding. Soft greys, pastel pinks, and the rustic, vintage-inspired green have swept the wedding industry in recent months.

Minimalist wedding decor comes in a variety of styles. The appearance of minimalism does not have to be all white. Clean lines, diverse textures, and sculptural features are part of the current minimalist aesthetic. It’s up to you to personalize the style. Still, no matter which direction you take, The Wedding Collective MN has several crisp and elegant ideas with an undercurrent of sophistication.

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